Aug 27, 2008

Coming Soon....Lobster Balls.

In the last installment of "Viet Hoa Fo' Sho", I put the next food item to a vote. Would it be the doughy, frozen chicken and bamboo dumplings? Would it be the curry soup that we apparently all like? Or would it be the lobster balls?

If you said the lobster balls, you're totally right. But here's the thing - I have to work up the nerve to eat them. And when I do, you'll be the first to know.

In non-taste-test news, a lot has been happening. Matthew started working at the Apple store, which means he's not around as much. It also means he gets a sweet discount and to hang out with nerdy people of his ilk all day.

I have a banjo now, and I'm slowly learning to play it. Thus far, I can play most of one Sufjan Stevens song, Bob Dylan's "You Ain't Going No Where", and the very first song I've ever written: an informative ode to supermanning that ho.

We had a rock show in our back yard last week. I made curry for 30 people and three bands played on the porch. If you missed it, don't worry - we'll do it again sometime.

And to those of you who voted for the lobster balls, stay tuned. As soon as the pilot light on my stove gets re-lit, it's on. Aww yeah.

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