Feb 29, 2008

Leap Day Photo Project

I'm participating, and so should you.

I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Meanwhile - new OTM recap at Radio Sweethearts.

Feb 27, 2008

I'm normally not a huge fan of sports journalism. It seems to remove all of the excitement from sports, focusing too much on the who-what-when-where-by-how-many-points. However, Geoff Calkins is brilliant.

He wrote this piece about last Saturday's Memphis basketball game against Tennessee.

Look out, Frank Deford. You may make more educated comments about wonderful and bizarre things like cricket, but Geoff Calkins makes me feel just like I did when I was standing in the Deli, watching the Tigers lose.

How you like them apples,

Feb 19, 2008

Unemployment Fest '08 - Day 10: I Won't Be Taking It To Eleven

I was offered a really fantastic job yesterday, and I'm accepting! I'll have benefits, a much shorter commute, and a regular paycheck. This means I can buy groceries again! Woot!

I'm starting tomorrow, and I really couldn't be more excited.

Also, on Radio Sweethearts, Carl Kassell croons, everyone swoons, and a new OTM recap goes live.

Viva, viva,

Feb 17, 2008

Unemployment Fest '08 - Day 9: Tackling the Great Reorganization

Tomorrow morning, I have my third interview for a position that I'm very interested in.

In times of stress, or when I'm feeling freaked out, or like everything is beyond my control, I tend to do one of three things - bake, drive around, or re-sort my record collection.

So, here I am, on my living room floor, trying to figure out if I'm in an alphabetical, chronological, or autobiographical mood.

I have found that Ray Charles' "Unchain My Heart" is entirely fitting for this moment. It just sounds right.

Tomorrow, I'll put on my swank new suit, listen to Jay-Z's "Dirt Off Your Shoulders" and Mr. Quintron's "Swamp Buggy Bad Ass", and go to my interviews. Kiss your lucky what have you for me.


Feb 14, 2008

I'm Gay Like a Choir Boy For You

You make me want to hide under a sink on a daily basis.

Happy Valentine's Day.

- K

Feb 10, 2008

They Can, In Fact, Take Away Your Dignity: Unemployment Fest '08 - Day Three.

On Friday, after I got laid off from my job, I tried to call the only person I knew who was unemployed and would come hang out with me during those first horrible hours. That person? My ex boyfriend.

I actually stopped by his house, figuring hell, he's probably home at 9:30 a.m. Never mind that he would likely be terrified by the sight of his business casual ex-girlfriend, face streaked with mascara that was supposed to be waterproof.

He wasn't home. So I left, arating his yard with my shoes as I went. I was going to go home. I was a big girl. I was going home, and damnit, I was going to find another job. I was gonna be alright!

And then my heel found the little gap between the grass and the sidewalk. My body kept going. I face-planted, outside my ex-boyfriend's house, in front of a whole crew of MLGW dudes, minutes after being laid off.

I really hope that's the lowest point.

That said, I'm trying to feel better about all of this. I've got a few interviews lined up, and some leads.

But dude? This unemployment thing? It really sucks. I don't recommend it. I'm not a person who deals with uncertainty well (see the earliest entries here). But there's a 95 percent chance I'll be alright. I think.

My friends, my family, and Matthew especially, have been absolutely wonderful to me. I'm so lucky that I moved back to Memphis after college rather than going to Chicago or New York.

At least I've got basements to sleep in, cable to watch, and Cheetos to mooch.

Hopefully, I won't need them.

- k

Feb 8, 2008

All things go.

I just got laid off from my job.

I'm not sure what to do now. Act like an unemployed person? Drink lots of whiskey early in the morning, watch some cable, move back in with my parents?

Maybe now would be a good time to leave Memphis.


Feb 5, 2008

Strangers on This Road We Are On

(Photo by Brandon Dill, February 3, 2007. If you ever need a photographer, I highly recommend him.)

Feb 4, 2008

Jury Duty Live Blog - Day 1

4:19 p.m. - I'm done! After sitting in a courtroom listening to the lawyers try to select a jury, the bailiff let us go home. Alas, my participation in the democratic process will have to be limited to voting this year.

12:51 p.m. - I'm at a deli, eating lunch. I got called in the second round of jurors to civil court. They're still trying to seat, but haven't made a lot of progress. After lunch, I'll either get seated on this jury, sent home, or sent back to the pool. I'm hoping for the second option, but knowing that the third is more likely.

10:38 a.m. - After a two hour orientation, the fun has officially started. I had no idea that it would take two hours to sufficiently orientate jurors, but I guess the process is more complicated than I had originally thought.

The good things, so far:

- Music is being piped in. Granted, it kind of sucks, but they did just play Lionel Ritchie's "Say You, Say Me." We're allowed to have iPods, laptops, etc.

- If I have to be here tomorrow, I don't have to be here until 9:30.

- The people watching is pretty incredible. There's a woman wearing a snood, as well as one wearing a shirt made entirely of gold sequins. Unfortunately, they're not the same woman.

I'll be making periodic updates throughout the day. In the mean time, if you're as bored as I eventually will be, you should check out Radio Sweethearts. It's a silly public radio commentary blog that Matthew and I launched on Saturday. We still have a little work to do before it's as pretty to look at as we'd like, but we want you to go ahead and take a look.